Reporting of illegal conduct - Whistleblowing

Online platform for reporting illegal conduct or irregularities

Esu    02/12/2019 12:31

​​ESU has launched the following platform to allow employees, collaborators and suppliers of goods and services or those who carry out work in favour of the Administration, to report illegal conduct or irregularities known due to the existing relationship with the Company (Whistleblowing).

This platform, as required by law, is the priority channel for submitting reports. It allows the whistle​​​blower to:
- access the system in a confidential and secure manner;
- insert their own reports through an intuitive and easy to compile procedure;
- communicate with the Anti-Corruption Manager in a confidential manner and monitor the processing status of each report sent.

Further information can be found in the section Amministrazione Trasparente>Altri contenuti>Prevenzione della corruzione (Transparent Administration> Other contents> Prevention of corruption)


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Updated on:
03 December 2019