Extraordinary Financial Aid

For anyone facing financial distress


Every year, Padova's ESU offers the possibility to participate to a Ranking for the assignment of extraordinary financial aids  for anyone who is in particular and exceptional financial distress.

The aid can be given only once during the student's academic career. It is, furthermore, incompatible with other economical benefits given by other public or private bodies.

The students admitted to the ranking, depending from the course of study, can participate to the assignment for the extraordinary financial aid for more than one year or semester, starting from the year of the first enrolment (unfinished careers are also calculated).

Extraordinary financial aid can be given also to part-time students enrolled to three-year degrees or specialised degrees.

The students enrolled in the following courses of the University of Padova:

  • - started before the actuation of the Ministerial Decree n.509 of 3rd November 1999 (still having legal value);

  • - in the three-year degree courses;

  • - in master degree courses;

  • - in single-cycle specialist degrees;

  • - in PhD programmes, not receiving scholarships from the Ministerial Decree n.224 of 2009, activated by the Legislative Decree of 3rd July 1998 n.201 art.4;

  • Can participate to the ranking:

  • Students of the higher training courses of the Conservatories of Adria, Castelfranco Veneto, Padova, Rovigo, and Vicenza and students enrolled in Music Education courses can also request financial aid, as well as the students enrolled in the first-degree and second-degree courses according to the Ministerial Decrees of 8th October 2003 prot. n. 629/AFAM/2003 and of 8th January 2004 prot. I/AFAM/2004.

  • Students of the Schools for Cultural and Linguistic Mediators of Padova and Vicenza, according to the Ministerial Decree 509/99, and students enrolled in the Padova's School for Linguisitc Mediators - CIELS, according to the Ministerial Decree of 12th March 2010, can participate in the assignment of the extraordinary financial aid as well.

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