Rent Information Service

​Free consultation on appointment


Rent Information Service: suspended for the academic year 2018 / '19


Rent Helpdesk

Since December 2014, ESU Accommodation has created a rent information service.

Students can receive information and clarification on current laws, rental contracts, advantages and advice on the different phases of a rent contract. 

All available options for student accommodation in Padova will be thoroughly explained.

The consultation is free, however an appointment​ is necessary.

For appointment requests or more information please email:

Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 5.30pm


Landlord Database 

Padova's ESU allowed landlords, willing to rent their properties to students participating to international mobility projects, the possibility of being included in a specific database.

Any landlord interested must complete this form and send it via email or fax, or hand deliver it to ESU Accommodation.


Territorial Rent Agreement

The Territorial Rent Agreement was approved in 2008 and extended in 2012.

The agreement has been signed by the landlords and tenants unions, as well as ESU and the student's organisations, along with the University Vice-Chancellor and the Councillor for Housing and Immigration Policies of Padova.


Useful Documents:

Accordo​ territoriale di locazione
Elementi caratterizzanti l'alloggio
Dotazione mobilio
Tabella oneri accessori
Contratto concertato abitativo
Contratto concertato per studenti
Contratto transitorio
Guida Abitare a Padova

For further information visit:


Alternative tenant associations in Padova


    Sicet - Sindacato inquilini casa e territorio

    piazzetta Conciapelli, 7 - 35100 Padova
    phone: 049 8753629
    fax 049 664616

    Uniat - Union tenants and territory

    piazza de Gasperi 32 sc. B - 35131 Padova
    phone: 049 655266
    fax 049 655298

    Sunia - Union national tenants and assignees

    via Riello, 4 - 35122 Padova
    phone: 049 8944373 - 8944350 - 328 8643067


Alternative landlords associations in Padova

Asspi - Union association for small property owners

via C. Battisti, 54 - 35121 Padova
phone: 049 660907 - fax 049 8753223

Uppi - Union for small property owners

corso del Popolo, 21 - 35121 Padova
phone: 049 657218